How long with it take to get a mediset ready?

Please allow 1-2 business days minimum to have your personalized package prepared for you. We work hard to receive all of your prescriptions, cover them through insurance, order all medications, fill the sets, and have them double checked by our pharmacists.

What happens when a medication gets changed out added?

Let us know! We may need to contact your doctor to confirm the change. If the change is urgent, we can have a set made the same day or next day. If the change is not urgent, it will be reflected in the next prepared pack.

What information do you need for me to set started?

Fill out a new patient form, let us know if we need to transfer your medications from other pharmacies, provide us with payment information (if necessary), and that's it!

Can you repack medications I already have?

We cannot legally repackage medications obtained elsewhere. We can reuse plastic medisets, but we need two medisets for weekly deliveries and four medisets for deliveries every 14 days.

What if a patient lives in a group home or assisted living?

We can still provide services for patients who are not fully independent. We can even provide medication administration records (MAR), if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions