Online Personalized Medication Reminder

Medications work only when we take them. Establishing a routine and a helpful reminder can go a long way in improving disease states and overall health outcomes. was one of the best sites I researched to help our patients with the medications. It has the ability to keep track of each of your medications, how many pills to take per dose and at what times, AND can even identify your pills for you. There are also really nifty tools, such as giving you the ability to bring a medication list via the mobile app or a printout. It can even keep track of vitals and lab results.

If you're interested in something like this, and need technical assistance, call us and I can help set up an account with you. We can also help with any medication adherence aids such as medisets or blister packs, all for free.

-Steve Austin

Pharmacist, Manager, and Co-Owner of Cabrini Pharmacy Services

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