Who we are

In 2014, Cabrini Medical Tower Pharmacy changed ownership and became Cabrini Pharmacy Services.

We continue to serve the Seattle area as our predecessing tenants on the corner of Boren and Madison have before us. We strive to uphold the values and ethics that have been maintained on First Hill for decades.

Our team is comprised of pharmacy technician Darrell, our friendly delivery driver Michael, and our capable and personable pharmacists Steve and Van.

We strive to keep the utmost focus on our patients and keeping our community happy and healthy.

100 years

on boren & madison

Cabrini Tower and its former neighbor has had quite a storied history.

In 1907, the Perry Apartments were built on the corner of Boren and Madison by the same architects who built St. James Cathedral. This ornate building housed Seattle's wealthy class before and during the Alaska-Yukon gold rush.

Ten years later, Sister Frances Cabrini bought the apartments at a steep discount, and soon the building was converted to a hospital at first named "Columbus Sanitorium", which was then renamed "Columbus Hospital" in 1924. In 1958 the hospital was named in honor of then-declared Saint Cabrini.

The Cabrini Medical Tower was built adjacent to the Cabrini Hospital in 1975. The hospital's outpatient pharmacy was located in the lobby of the building, and the beginning of our pharmacy starts there.

In 1990, the Cabrini Hospital closed for financial reasons, and the building was demolished in 1994. The Cabrini Tower replicated the iconic entrance archway of the original hospital, and another is displayed just outside of the pharmacy in the lobby.


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